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Terms & Conditions

  1. Must pay full amount in advance.

  2. All rentals have an allocated time ranging from 1 to 5 days (unless otherwise noted) The dumpster will be dropped off on set date and removed according to rental term (1 day, 3 day, 5 day). CCDR and its associates are not responsible for failed use of dumpster or offering additional days. If an extension is needed, customer will need to call 313 933-3CUT(288) no later than close of business day the day before pick up to extend rental.

  3. The drop off time will be between 6 am and 9 am unless specified. Pick-up time will be confirmed with customer.

  4. ALLOWED TONNAGE: The weight of debris on the following will incur an additional charge of $95 per ton if it is over the allotted weight: 

    1. 15-yard weight = 1.5 tons

    2. 20-yard weight = 2.0 tons

    3. 30-yard weight = 2.5 tons

    4. 50-yard weight = 5.5 tons

  5. The weight of debris on the following will incur an additional charge of $95 per ton if it is over the allotted weight. Card will be charged on file. 

  6. The dumpster cannot be delivered to an illegal parking area of on someone else’s property.

  7. The customer cannot lock up the dumpster or move the dumpster.

  8. If requesting dumpster be placed in the driveway, driveway must be cleared of any vehicles. If there is a vehicle in the driveway at drop-off, there will be an additional fee of $10 for us to place a phone call to have the vehicle moved. If unable to place the dumpster in driveway or in front of location, it will be placed as close to the house/building as possible. 

  9. When we return to pick up the dumpster, if there is a vehicle in the driveway or blocking the dumpster, there will be an additional fee of $10 for us to make a phone call or $25 if the driver has to knock on the door to have the vehicle moved.

  10. Request to relocate dumpster fees: $75

  11. To request the dumpster picked up and returned back empty to the same location, there is a $125 pick up and return fee plus cost the of debris in the used dumpster.  The request must be ordered within the scheduled rental time period. CCDR can't guarantee a pickup and return, but will do their best to accommodate the customer.

  12. Please review what is not accepted on home page.

  13. Request for Additional Day fees: 

    • 10 – 20 yard = $50

    • 30 yard= $75

    • 50 yard = $100

    • If available


    1. Customer is required to ensure dumpster is properly loaded BELOW the sides of the dumpster to allow for safe transportation. Failing to do so may incur an overload fee, Dry run fee and (or) an additional dumpster. Please ensure that items are evenly distributed in the dumpster to maximize space and prevent excessive weight concentration either at the front or back. Doors are required to be properly closed and secured before set pick up date. Failing to do so may require driver to leave behind some waste to do so. If loose debris is put in the dumpster, the tarp must be put on.  If the driver has to put the tarp on, a $45 fee will be incurred. If trees or dirt are put in the dumpster, it will be left behind at the delivery site.

  15. DAMAGE

    1. Clean Cut Dumpster Rental is not to be held responsible for any damage during a routine pick up and or deliveries. It is the customer's responsibility to provide us a safe place for delivery and is ultimately up to the driver's description if he or she can delivery in set spot. Any damage incurred due to improper loading will be charged back to customer's card on file.


    1. Cancelations can be made free of charge up to the day before delivery. Cancelations made the day of delivery will incur a 50% service charge. All refunds can be the next business days to process outside from normal bank processing time.

  17. TERMS AND CONDITIONS SERVICES. The Customer grants to the Contractor the exclusive right to collect and dispose of all of the Customer's Waste Materials (as defined below). The Contractor agrees to furnish such services and Equipment specified herein, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Changes in collection frequency and type of Equipment may be agreed orally or in writing. TERMS. The Terms of this agreement are as specified in the Service Type. All Payment is due upon execution of this service agreement. If the Customer requests to extend the Service Agreement beyond the predetermined time frame, payment will be immediately due and payable to the card you have provided in the rental agreement. EQUIPMENT. All equipment furnished to Customer or used by Contractor (“Equipment”) shall remain Contractor’s exclusive property and shall be used only for the purposes intended by this Agreement. Customer shall not encumber, make alterations to, move or allow others to move the Equipment without Contractor’s approval. Customer shall not overload the Equipment (by weight or volume) and if Contractor is assessed an overweight fine, Customer shall reimburse Contractor for the cost of such fines. If such fines are assessed, the charge will placed on your card that time. NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE ONLY. Customer represents and warrants that all materials to be collected by the Contractor are nonhazardous solid waste and recyclables (“Waste Materials”) and will not contain: (i) any hazardous, biohazardous, infectious, radioactive, flammable, explosive, biomedical, or toxic waste as defined by applicable laws or regulations, including, without limitation, any hazardous waste regulated under the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 6901 et seq, and associated regulations, 40 C.F.R. Part 261; and the Toxic Substance Control Act, 15

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